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Top 5 Reasons Why You Need To Switch to Reusable Cups 

Meta Description: Want to switch to reusable cups but don’t know if it’s the right move for you? Here are the top 5 reasons you should give it a shot! 

For coffee drinkers; coffee can be just as important as water. Without it, it can be very hard to start the day! While that might seem like a bit much for some people, it’s exactly how it is for people who have incorporated coffee into their morning routine! 

While all that is well and good, disposable coffee cups are horrible for the environment and can also affect the coffee drinking experience. However, you can change all of that by getting eco-reusable coffee cups!  

Still not sure if that’s the move? In this post, we will be talking about the top 5 reasons you need to switch to reusable coffee cups and change your coffee game forever! 

The Earth will thank you. 

Did you know that if you’re getting through one cup of takeaway coffee every day, you, alone, are contributing to around 20 lbs of waste every year! That multiplied by an average person’s 70-80 years lifespan is 1600 lbs of trash just from the coffee waste alone! Leaving that big of a carbon footprint on the world just because of coffee is pretty crazy, but there’s a great way to take that and dial it all the way back to zero, and that’s by getting reusable coffee cups! 

When you get reusable coffee cups, you buy just one and keep it for years on end! That way, you won’t be contributing to any single-use plastic use, at least as far as coffee is concerned. With it, you’ll be able to keep those potential cups out of the landfills and the ocean, and the entire Earth will be happier for it! 

They’ll save you money. 

You might think that single-use plastics are free, but they’re not. The cost of those cups is usually included in the price of the drink itself. This isn’t really something that most brands advertise that clearly, but that’s almost always the case! Places like Starbucks have an open policy that if you use reusable cups, you get a discount on your total bill because they didn’t have to pay for the packaging of your coffee. That way, the overall money you’re spending every year on coffee comes down too! So by investing in a cup once, you save money forever! 

You’ll directly help save resources, too. 

When you’re not buying single-use cups with your coffee, you do have on that 20 lbs per year of waste, but that’s not all. There are a lot of resources that go into making each of these cups. That means that when you take yourself out of the demand pool for the cups, you’re also saving resources like trees because reusable cups can’t even be recycled because of the processes they go through to make them food-safe! So each of those cups is only good for one use, and all those resources get thrown in the trash! By refusing the single-use and going for a reusable cup, you’ll automatically start helping to save the resources of the world too! 

Your coffee will stay good all day long. 

Let’s face it, as convenient as we think single-use cups are. They’re not. They’re hard to drink from, make it very easy to drop burning hot coffee all over yourself, and most of the time, you can’t even hold the cup without having to use a scarf to protect your hands! All of that makes it very hard to have the coffee while it’s still hot, and for people that only love their coffee hot, this is a permanent problem. 

With reusable cups, all of those problems disappear altogether! You’ll be able to get your coffee in the morning, put it in the cup, close the lid and leave it there all day, and it’ll still stay warm! That way, you won’t even be tossing half the coffee down the drain just because it got far too cold to drink! People who buy multiple coffees throughout the day just to make sure that it’s fresh each time won’t even have to do that. They can get a large one in the morning to get them through the entire day! 

You’ll be safer

Plastic, and single-use cups, in general, aren’t just bad because they harm the environment, they can also pose a danger to your health! Single-use utensils can contain traces of BPA Plastic. Your coffee can easily get contaminated by the BPA because it will come in contact with it through the lid, if not the entire cup itself, and you might end up having to face the dangers of the substance. These aren’t just tiny allergic reactions. BPA has even been linked to causing congenital disabilities and can affect the brain too! With reusable cups, you’ll know exactly what your drink is going into and will be safe from any potential BPA contact while drinking coffee forever! 

Coffee every day, the right way! 

We’ve been over some of the best reasons to switch over to reusable cups. Just because single-use cups are bad for the world doesn’t mean you can’t have guilt-free coffee anymore. You can still have coffee. You just have to have it the right way, so you can enjoy it without harming the environment!

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