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Say No To Plastic

Single use coffee cups are amonst the most common type of litter found in the world. You might only use the cup for minutes but it will continue to last in the environment for upto 50 years! If we dont mend our ways, there will be more plastic in the seas instead of fishes. Help us fight the war on waste by saying yes to a resusable coffee cup. 

Personalise your Stevie K Cup with a customised band

You are One Step Away In Saving the Environment

Steviek has pledged to making this world and planet a better and cleaner place. Our mission is to encourage and empower individuals to opt for the reusable coffee cup. We do this by delivering sustainable and environment friendly cups.  Our cup design is perfect to show that we care. 

 People use a reusable coffee cup because it looks good. This is why our design is important to us.  We provide our customers with a product that makes them feel good to do good. 

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